Merino wool coat with hoodiewhite

Merino wool coat with hoodiewhite

  • £10140

A deliciously soft and cosy baby/toddler double layered, 100% merino wool, hooded coat. Merino wool is antibacterial thus making it the perfect material for new born and older babies. It also has regulating properties and is highly breathable, so these coats will keep your baby warm and comfortable without the risk of overheating. Made in Italy from the finest merino wool yarn, finished up with a button up front and hood. Also available in grey Available sizes: 3M, 6M and 12M Dimensions: 3M(29cm length, 27cm width, sleeves 18cm), 6M(33cm length, 29cm width, sleeves 20cm) and 12M (38cm length, 33cm width, sleeves 22cm)

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